Sunday, May 22, 2022


 Boneco do BOPE - PMERJ

BOPE sempre foi uma das minhas Unidades de Operações Especiais preferidas. Por isso sempre me senti muito satisfeito em customizar um Boneco do BOPE.

Este foi feito sob encomenda para um grande amigo, Pedro Henrique da ww2actiontoys, mas já havia feito vários outros Bonecos da PMERJ, inclusive outros Bonecos do BOPE

Hoje em dia o BOPE usa o padrão de camuflagem MARPAT, igual ao dos Fuzileiros Navais americanos, mas ainda usam este lendário uniforme preto clássico em algumas ocasiões.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Star Wars Rebel Commando

Star Wars Rebel Commando Custom

Hey guys, I bring you this Star Wars Rebel Commando Custom, made a few years ago, but showing up here in my blog just now.

Except by the pistol, from Baroness, and head from Sgt. Flash, the body and all the accessories are from Star Wars Action Figures

This is not the 1st Rebel Commando I make. I've already made other Rebel Commandos like these Endor Rebel Commandos and this Star Wars Rebel Commando but with a "modern" visual.

I've also made some Star Wars Rebel Fleet Troopers, like this Rebel Fleet Trooper Custom based on the classic Rebel Fleet Troopers, and these Rebel Fleet Troopers - Special Forces V1 and V2 . And to finish, this Star Wars Rebel Honor Guard Custom .

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Volga - Oktober Guard

Volga Gi Joe Custom

Oktober Guard
was always one of my prefered Gi Joe Unities.
Talking about them, a friend of mine asked me to make a Volga Gi Joe Custom for him, and I accepted the challenge!

This Gi joe Custom means so much to me, first because it was made to a great friend, second because I loved the result, mainly being a Female Gi Joe character.
To tell the truth, I consider I'm not good on female characters, but I really loved this Volga Oktober Guard!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Gi Joe Duke

 Gi Joe Custom Duke

Hello everyone!! It's been a long time since my last posting, and I chose this Gi Joe Custom Duke to start 2022 postings! This Gi Joe Custom is ready since 2019, but due to many reasons I won't list here to not waste time, this Gi joe Duke is one of the several Gi Joe Customs made 3 years ago that I will start posting now, and also in the next few weeks. 
See also my Gi Joe Duke v39.

My last posting was this Bazooka - Tiger Force, in August 2019. Check it out!
Some of these Gi Joe Custom Figures are already listed on my Facebook Page, some are not yet.
It's good to be back, Yo Joe!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Bazooka - Tiger Force

Gi Joe Custom Bazooka - Tiger Force

Today I bring you a Bazooka Tiger Force version .
This Bazooka Custom has been made for a client.
I've done other Tiger Force Customs like Tripwire, Marujo, the Brazilian version of Shipwreck; Felino, Brazilian version of Dusty; Forasteiro, Brazilian version of Outback and Ar Puro, Brazilian version of Airtight.

Check it out!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Gi Joe Sightline

Gi Joe Custom Sightline

Hi guys, it's good to be back and bringing this Sightline Custom this time.
It's been over a year since my last post about Gi Joe Customs. A lot has happened since then, good things and bad things.
I moved to another house, my daughter was born and my mother was gone ...
I had to adapt to the new reality, and it hasn't been easy, so I'm just coming back now.
This Sightline Custom was made, as well as some other Gi Joe Customs that I will post shortly, just before stopping my activities last year.
It was a nice job, and as always, I tried to make a more realistic and "military" version of the character.
I could even say that it is a version of Nightfox, due to the similarity of the character's characteristics.
Hope you like it!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hit and Run - Desert Ops

Gi joe Custom Hit and Run - Desert Ops

This Gi Joe Custom is a comission to a friend, also a brazilian customizer, Diego Biajoni.
This is a "Desert Ops" version for Hit and Run.
For this Hit and Run Custom, I tried a different camo pattern: Desert Marpat Camo with some slight green added.
I also used some camo on Hit and Run face and forearms, keeping this original reference of the character.