Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Exército Brasileiro - Forças Especiais | Brazilian Army - Special Forces

Gi Joe Custom Brazilian Army Special Forces

This is my newest "Brazilian Joe", that's a Special Forces Operator from Brazilian Army.
I've already made other Gi Joe Customs from Brazilian Army, you can take a look at them: Brazilian Army ParatrooperBrazilian Army - 2nd LT. Artillery, SPECIAL FORCES - BRAZILIAN ARMY v2, 1st Lt. Francine (Brazilian Army)2nd LT. Artillery (Brazilian Army), Special Forces - Brazilian Army V1.

I love to make Action Figure Customs based on real life soldiers, mainly those based on Brazilian Armed Forces and Police Forces.
I also made a stand with the Brazilian Army Special Forces logo on it. This stand was made with resin and works for any 1:18 (3.75) Action Figure.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Clone Trooper - Star Wars

Star Wars Custom - Clone Trooper

One thing I love in the Star Wars Universe is the Troopers (Imperials, Clones, Rebels..).
I got a Clone Trooper Sgt. in an auction at ebay, but I don't like those colored details in green. At the same time, I loved the battle marks seen on the new troopers (movie). So I decided to paint this Sgt entirely white, like a common Clone Trooper, but with battle damaged marks and filth, giving it a more realistic appearance.
The Sideshow Version was my great inspiration to make this Clone Trooper Custom.
Unhappily, any 1:18 (3.75) Action Figure version has the backpack, as the Sideshow Trooper, so I took it from Ahsoka, released by Hasbro.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cobra Trooper - Desert Ops

Cobra Trooper Custom - Desert Ops

Hi, guys! Let’s begin 2017 with a simple and easy Action Figure Custom, it’s a Cobra Trooper Custom, one more Cobra to my Desert Ops Team.
See the recipe for this Cobra Desert Trooper:

Body: Cobra Officer V8
Helmet: Cobra Trooper V11
Webgear: Cobra Trooper 25th
Rifle: Cobra Trooper / Officer 25th

Simple! You can make it in less than 1 minute! This is one more nice Action Figure that Hasbro haven’t released. They could've released it in the Cobra Desert Assault Squad pack, as the Cobra Officer.
I've been making some Gi Joe Customs using Action Figures from this pack, such as Barbecue, Cobra Viper, Sgt. Flash and Tripwire.