Friday, October 21, 2016

Cobra Female Officer - Night Ops

Gi Joe Custom - Cobra Female Officer

As every Gi Joe collector, I always imagined how would be an Action Figure's female version of a Cobra Trooper or Cobra Officer. So a few years ago I released some Cobra Female Troopers and Officers, as you can see below:

Cobra Female Officer

Cobra Female Trooper

Cobra Python Female Officer

Cobra Female Bazooka Trooper

 Finally, Hasbro released their Cobra Female Officer, but sincerely...I hated it! They lost an excellent opportunity to realese a very nice Action Figure, and they seem to be lazy, or don't want to spend money on new Gi Joe Action Figure I decided to make another version, but surely so much better than my previous versions, and yes, SO MUCH BETTER than Hasbro version. Well, at least in my opinion..

I used some pouches casted in resin by me, and sculpted (I don't have a 3D printer) a Cobra Trooper/Officer Helmet with a movable Night Vision Goggle.
Definitely I love to build female versions of characters that are generally males, and you'll alaways see these girls among my Gi Joe Customs.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Barbecue - Desert Ops

Gi Joe Custom Barbecue

This is one more Gi Joe Custom from my Desert Ops Team. As Sgt. Flash, Tripwire and Cobra Viper, this Barbecue Custom was made with Action Figures from the Cobra Desert Assault Squad pack. I just practically repainted the head and covered the Cobra logo on the backpack.
As the other Action Figure Customs from my Desert Ops Team, they're easy and fast to make.

Este é mais um Custom Gi Joe da minha Tropa de Operações no Deserto. Como Sgt. FlashTripwire e Cobra Viper, este Custom Barbecue foi feito com Figuras de Ação do pack Cobra Desert Assault Squad. Eu apenas praticamente repintei a cabeça e cobri o logo Cobra na mochila. Assim como os outros Custom Action Figures da  minha Tropa de Operações no Deserto, eles são fáceis e rápidos de fazer.