Friday, September 2, 2016

Armoured Crimson Guard

Gi Joe Custom  - Armoured Crimson Guard

Hi, ladies and gentlemen! Let's start September with one more Gi Joe Custom, this time is Cobra Crimson Guard Custom. He wears an armour with several battle damage marks.
The Cobra Logo, the Crimson Guard Logo and the number 14 (both on the shoulder) were made with decals (I'll write an Action Figure Custom Tutorial about this soon).
The armour and helmet are removable, as you can see on the pics.
I tried to make what I call "Realistic Style Custom", or even "Real Style". It's a style where I try to make the Action Figure Custom more realistic, becoming opposed to the "Toy Style Custom" (or only Toy Style). I'll talk more about it on another time. By now, appreciate (or not) my new Crimson Guard Custom. Thanks!