Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Custom Action Figures Tutorial - How to turn Images from Internet into Stickers

Tutorial for Action Figure Customs - Star Wars Customs - Gi Joe Customs - Marvel Customs

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Hi, ladies and gentlemen.
I’m gonna show you how I create my Stickers, I mean, how I turn an image from internet into a future sticker. Probably this is not the best way to do it, but that’s the way I do and it works well to me. You don’t need to understand about any program as Photoshop or Corel Draw. I don't understand anything about these programs, that's why I "created" this method to make stickers for my Action Figure Customs. It’s so easy.
I’ll use a Brazilian Flag as example. Let’s see the following pics:

Let's imagine we'll search a Brazilian Flag to use on a Brazilian Special Forces Custom, so go to Google and search for the image you want, in this case the Brazilian Flag.

Try to choose a pic with the best megapixels quality, then press “view image”.

When the image open in a new window, save it in the folder you want.

Once you've already saved the image, copy it, open a new file in Word, and paste it there. You can also do "ctrl C, ctrl V".

Now you have the image in the Word, press the right button of the mouse and choose "size".

Measure the area of the Action Figure you want to put the sticker with a ruler or a tape measure.

See the area in red? It can't be marked, as the pic above.

With the numbers of the measurement, you'll change in the fields in red.

Here we have the flag already changed with the measurement of the area we chose (in the example, it was the arm), you can see it in the fields in red.
If you want more than one flag, it's just copy and paste throughout the sheet. You can also configure the lay out of the sheet to fit more images.
You may print it in common or adhesive paper, it's up to you.
If you want to tape it in a smooth surface, the adhesive paper may work well, but if it's not smooth, maybe it won't. I'm gonna show more details about it on another Custom Action Figure Tutorial

See that this isn't a Decal. I like to use this method for stickers that won't give me the effect of a decal. For example: A Military Trooper who uses the flag of his country on his arm, the flag is sewn or removable, but not painted or drawn. So the sticker gives me this effect, I mean more realistic, like this Royal Marine Commando, for example, an old Custom made by me a few years ago. See the badges on the arms.
If I'd like to put a Cobra Logo on a Cobra Trooper chest, for example, the decal would work better.

This Action Figure Custom Tutorial is just to show that you don't need to be an expert on Photoshop or other similar program to make your Stickers. You just need to have a colored printer and follow the steps above. I'll talk more about it on another Tutorial as said before, and also about Decals. Hope it helps someone. 

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